Why Canada is a Great

Oh, Canada! This massive landmass is forgotten about, yet it’s as big and varied as the United States. Canada’s people are welcoming and friendly as well as the cities range to laid back Ottawa, the capital town of the nation. There is something for everyone in Canada, whether you crave out or love the outdoors on the town. For all those city slickers, here are the top five cities to go to on your Canada holidays.

Toronto. The Obvious option, this well-known of towns is often mistaken for the capital city due to cosmopolitan setting and its size of the country. Toronto is as diverse a city as they come, with a range of wonderful restaurants, museums, attractions and also an amazing skyline of tall buildings. Situated on Lake Ontario not far from Niagara Falls, Toronto feels coastal using fabulous water views and its beaches. It is one of the most cities in the world.

Montreal. Should you drive due north from Albany, New York and over the border, you may encounter this world city. Located in the ardently French province of Quebec, Montreal is as Francophile and it is historic center attributes its own Notre Dame cathedral, among other matters!

Quebec City. Only a little ways Northeast of Montreal is Quebec City, the provincial capital. Though lesser known, Quebec City has perhaps the best-preserved old city in all Canada, with wooden buildings dating to the 17th century and a string of meandering cobblestone streets.

Vancouver. This Laid back West Coast city is outdoorsy and posh, with lots of great Cafes, coffee shops and fish restaurants to present its American Neighbour to the south, Seattle (*More on: what’s the drinking age in Canada). Vancouver is Set in among a series of bays and inlets, giving a stunning natural to it Environment that is worth more than a passing glance.

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